Helping Silknet to win over more customers with the help of self-care mobile app



The background:

Silknet is a leading telecommunication company in Georgia, formerly known as Telia Georgia. The company operates in a highly competitive market where customers often own multiple SIM cards from different carriers, frequently switching between them in pursuit of better deals.

To win over these customers, Silknet approached us to build a new self-care mobile app catering to all lines of business. This presented us with an opportunity to unleash our creativity, and we gladly accepted the challenge

Aim of the project:

Silknet offers a wide range of telecom services to over 1 million customers throughout the country and is the largest Telecommunication Service Provider (TSP) in the Caucasus region. Their services include mobile communication, landline internet, IPTV, and more.

Although Silknet already had an app for managing services, it was limited to mobile services and featured basic authentication, so we proposed a bold move: to rebuild it from scratch.

Silknet and our team set out to craft a truly unique User Experience (UX) with this app. To achieve that required an extensive rework of both the front-end and back-end technologies. We collaborated with Silknet’s IT team to build most of the APIs.

The finished app provides customers with unified account management and the ability to order SIM cards, purchase data, minutes, messages, and even unique phone numbers.

For us, this project marked one of the largest and most captivating UX endeavors we’ve ever undertaken. We are proud of the outcome and firmly believe that the UX of this project will continue to evolve.

Services provided:

  • Research and benchmarking to optimize user flow, considering the client’s legacy IT stack and associated limitations.
  • Development of wireframes and clickable prototypes.
  • Creation of high-fidelity designs for each element of the application.
  • Architecture documentation and system design.
  • Development of a highly scalable and secure system built on a 3-tier architecture, delivered on traditional VMs in the client’s data center.

Project result:

Due to the project’s complexity, considerable effort was invested in testing all possible use cases supported by Silknet and the new app. We were careful to roll out such a significant update and did it in trenches. 

After a successful soft launch and a positive reception from actual users, the app was made available to all customers. We continue to maintain and perfect the app to keep it up to date.